Blurred Lines 

Blurred Lines


Synonyms of blurred

1: characterized by dimness, indistinctness, or obscurity.

the blurred names on the gravestones

2: lacking clarity or sharpness:

Blurry: a blurred photograph

blurred vision



Synonyms of line

1a: a length of cord or cord-like material: such as

1b: a comparatively strong slender cord

2: the course or direction of something in motion lined, lining.

2a: to mark with a line or lines.

2b: to place or form a line along.

2c: to form a line: form into lines.

3: clear bound-aries:/ blurred un-defined:/ sharp blunt.

3a: straight solid mass crisp un-waver-ing:/ join.

3b: meet-ing;/ measured lines collide crash-ing:/

4: see-ing:/ space between light dark with-out:/