Go-ing:/ Round In Circles


Circle noun,
cir·cle | ˈsər-kəl
Definition of circle: 


B: a closed plane curve every point of which is equidistant from a fixed point within the curve.

D: The techniques are repeatable but the outcomes unique.

Each piece has a rhythm a recipe it follows: These are record-ed:/ and are integral to the piece.

E: The circles can be seen to re-present the repetitive rhythms of life:

1a: Stuck: Un-able:/ to move: trap-ped:/

2b: Re-peating:/ To do again:and again:

3c: Individual: Unique: alone: trauma-tised:/ 

4c: Ignoring: pay-ing:/ no attention: Oblivious: / Oblivion:

5c: Move-ment:/ to travel: Change direction: walk-ing:/