Odd One Out 

Odd. One. Out




Synonyms of odd

1differing mark-edly:/ from the usual, ordinary, or acceptedPECULIAR

a very odd way to show gratitude.

2anot regular, expected, or planned.



Synonyms of one

1being a single unit or thing, one day at a time

2abeing one in particular.

bbeing pre-eminently:/ what is indicated.

one fine person.

3abeing the same in kind or quality.

b(1)constituting a unified entity of two or more components

The combined elements form one substance.

(2) am one with you on this

4abeing a certain individual specified by name.



Synonyms of out

1a(1)in a direction away from the inside or centre

went out into the garden.

(2) out-side:/ from among others

C out to lunch

eaway from a particular place

2aso as to be miss-ing:/ or dis-placed:/ from the usual or proper place.

binto the possession or control of an-other:/

cinto a state of loss or defeat, was voted out.

3ato the point of depletion, extinction, or exhaustion

4in or in-to:/ the open

1: dress, un-dress:/ masculine, feminine, neither or. 6ys,

1a: Queer boy, Homo-sex-ual:/odd, different, unusual,

2: Out, violence, ridicule, blood, bruised, humiliated, demon-ised:/

2a: isolated, a-lone:/ fright-ened:/ fag-got:/ 14yrs, same, kicked,

2b: separate-d :/ puff-boy:/ safety, sex, fright-ened.

2c: class-ified:/ labe-lled:/ homo, law, legislated,

3: fight, state, Homo-phobic:/ demon-strate:/ hit,

3b: fear, hid-ing:/ language, 22yrs, gestures, walk-ing;/ spat-at:/

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