Stories From The Chicken Foot House

Illustrating, drawing – any of these processes were something I used to find excruciating and would avoid at all costs.

Through the body of work, I developed for my M.A I discovered this technique as a by-product of something else – a developed serendipitous moment.

String & ink drawings, which by dipping the string or thread in ink and pulling across the page gives me lines, curves and marks that inspire me.

Ironically after my resistant start I have now taught drawing extensively across the UK and Europe.

Then in 2018 I was asked to illustrate the book ‘Stories from the Chicken Foot House’ by Tina Jackson, which gave me this unique experience to push the process further, developing characters and using the process more figuratively.

These are the results of that collaboration. These are the images that sit between the lines of the stories, revealing another layer of magic, and bringing another dimension to the storytelling.