The Breath Thief 


These Illustrations came about in the pan-demic:/ When so much was about breath, wearing masks, protecting our breath. Not feeling that intimate connection of another’s breath on our skin. Using breath to create the drawings blown lines.




1a: air filled with a fragrance or odour.

b: a slight indication: the faintest breath of scandal

2a: an act of breathing

fought to the last breath

2c: opportunity or time to breathe : RESPITE

2d: a slight breeze

3a: air inhaled and exhaled in breathing.

b: Moisture on a cold surface produced by breath or breathing.




plural thieves

Synonyms of thief

1a: one that steals especially stealthily or secretly.

also: one who commits theft or larceny.

1b: The unlawful taking of personal property with intent to deprive the rightful owner of it permanently.

1b: alive: with-out:/ calming collect-ive:/ racing:/ hold-ing:/

1c: suffocating:/ alive: anxiety: panic: breathe: Inhale: exhale: regulat-ing:/

1d: with-out:/ per-mission:/ law, en-forced:/ blocked, distance, limit-ed:/

2: Control-ed:/ cloth, protect-ion:/ b: alive: with-out:/ calming: collect-ive:/

 2a: racing:/ hold-ing:/ blown, lines, travel, short-age:/ touch, touch-ed:/

2b: steamed-up see-ing:/ isolated, contact, isolation, struggle-ing:/