{Indian} ink

Ink. In my work in my skin on my body. A long and continuing relation-ship:/ with this most beautiful medium. It’s giving and un-forgiving:/ at the same time. Unique and inspiring.



Definition of ink

1: a colour-ed:/ usually liquid material for writing and print-ing:/

2: the black protective secretion of a cephalopod

3 in-forma: tattoos on a person’s body


inked; inking; inks

transitive verb

1a: to put ink on: a pen ink: a print-ing:/ block:

1b: to draw or write in ink:/ Ink a design—often used with in carefully inked in the letters:

1c: to obliterate with Ink —usually used without ink-ed:/ out many lines

2a: Contrast: differ-ent:/ separate: drag-ing:/ distinct-ive:/ Un-usual:/

2b: sharp: hard: pull-ing:/ line: curve: move-ment:/ run-ing:/  blurr-ing:/ 

3a: density: impenetrable: tonal: variations: distinct-ive:/ irregular:

3b: diaphanous:/ reveal: contour: edge: Fall: dis-appear:/ opaque:

3c: string: dip-ped:/ unique: repeat-ed:/ marks: shadow-y:/ dark-ness:/