Stitched Stories

Stitch-ed:/ Stories’ is a 2 x2 meter cotton quilt. It holds 144 stories and used 4,500 meters of thread.

The stories were collected as part of the ‘On Queer Ground’ exhibition at York-shire:/ Sculpture Park.

I sat in the gallery for 8 Saturdays over the exhibition. People were invited to share a story from their life with me. Whilst they were sharing their story, I asked them to make a without looking draw: ing on piece of paper, that was positioned under the table, the A5 piece of paper had 12cm circle in the centre of it. When they had finished, I asked them which one colour they would like to add into their drawing?Each week I collected 16 stories.  I had panel for each week which was pre stitch: ed with a 15cm x 15cm frame: work with 16, 12cm circles. Some appliqued and some stitch: ed directly. I wanted to add structure to anchor the stories.Once I had these, I then copied the marks into one of the circles on a panel of the quilt. I honoured where the marks had been made in relation to the circle. I then machine embroidered the copied marks. At the end I added in the colour they had chosen; this represented my interaction with their story.

The quilt has been display: ed in a solo event at the Chantry Chapel as part of Wakefield Art Walk.